Get matched with like minded pet owners and meet up for puppy playdates.

Set Your Dogs Up On Playdates In Bangalore

Does your pet need a friend to play with? We’ll find them some!

Want your pet to socialize? Want them to be friends with their own kind and have a fun time? Socializing dogs and puppies is essential. But, we know that it is hard to find a safe space for your pets to socialize. So, PawSpace has got you!

What is PawSpace PlayDate?

This service is for all those pet parents who want their pets to socialize with their own kind in a safe and fun environment. It’s the best way to use up their energy and learn how to behave around other dogs. Apart from getting to make friends of their own kind, your pet can play fun, supervised, socializing games for 4 whole hours!

How PawSpace PlayDate works

Why should you book PawSpace Playdate?

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Why should you book PawSpace Playdate?

Safe and secure environment
Fun socializing games for your pets
Your choice of place for the meet and greet
(your home or the pet care provider’s)
Extremely beneficial for your pet’s mental health
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How will this benefit you?

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How will this benefit you?

Can check-up on them anytime
Within your vicinity
Your pet is taken care of by trusted hands
Will be a part of your celebrations
Will not have to leave them alone
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Upto 10 months
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.699
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.899
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.999
  • For 3 days @ Rs.2999
  • For 4 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.3199
  • For 8 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.5749

Toy Size Breeds

Upto 10 Kg
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.559
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.699
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.899
  • For 3 days @ Rs.2699
  • For 4 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.2499
  • For 8 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.4499

Medium Size Breeds

Upto 11kg-25kg
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.599
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.799
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.949
  • For 3 days @ Rs.2849
  • For 4 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.2899
  • For 8 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.5099

Large Size Breeds

Upto 26Kg-45kg
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.699
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.899
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.999
  • For 3 days @ Rs.2999
  • For 4 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.3199
  • For 8 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.5749

Giant Size Breeds

Above 50 Kgs
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.799
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.1029
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.1149
  • For 3 days @ Rs.3449
  • For 4 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.3679
  • For 8 days * 12 h per month @ Rs.6599

Terms and Conditions:

Included in all Services
Treats and water
Basic Food Included

Included for services stay greater than 4 hrs

2 times/day walking included (no time promise)

Curated Pet Games included

Service provided at Additional Charges
Basic Grooming: + Rs.600
(Shampoo, Conditioner, Towel & Hair Dryer)

Chicken: + Rs.100

Pick up and drop : 300/each ways

Dog Training Services at Home

We only work with truly experienced pet lovers who have the skills, and the temperament to ensure incredible experiences for your pets.

Get The PawSpace Assurance
Book with us and you can be assured of:

Certified Service providers by Pawspace

Cage-free environment

Personalised care to address your pet needs

Regular photo/ video updates of your pet to ensure peace of mind.

Quality service and consistency

Reliable and flexible service

Frequently Asked Questions.

Pet play dates are a fun way for your pet to socialize and have fun. If your pet has grown up their entire life in a home, they can lose out on social skills and feel alienated from other dogs. This can lead to your dog being bullied and feeling lonely in the long run. Setting up pet play dates in Bangalore can help dogs by providing them a chance to socialize, vent out and reduce the chance of destructive behaviour at home such as chewing, rummaging, excessive barking and irritability.

Every Pawstar is strictly vetted by us to ensure that your pet is in safe hands. We run thorough background checks before onboarding anyone onto the platform. Furthermore, every dog play date booking is backed with regular updates on your furry friend and 24/7 customer support.

While planning a doggie play date, plan ahead just like you would for your children. If you’re planning a playdate at your house or boarder’s house, ensure that there are no hazardous materials or toxins around. Also if your dog is not trained to socialize it is better to meet in a fenced area. From walks in the park to beach days or even hikes, the sky’s the limit when it comes to planning a fun puppy play date.


To have playdates, ensure that your dogs are social by nature and love being around pets. Also one more crucial point is to ensure that they are healthy and having no allergies or skin issue or ticks that can be passed to other pets.
Playdates can happen at parents place or at the boarder’s place. Each playdate is between 4-6 hours.  

Your pet will be engaged with 3 games for a PlayDate session upto 4 hours and if you choose a package for a greater number of hours, your pet will be engaged with at least 6 games depending on the time and situation. 

PawSpace PlayDate requires the presence of one or more pets apart from yours. This way, the pets get to socialize and make friends. However, with Boarding services, you get to choose if you are comfortable with the presence of other pets in the vicinity of your pets. 

You can choose from a range of packages that we have from our PlayDate services page. This way, with PlayDate services, you get to choose the number of hours and the sitter that will supervise your pet.

Your pet will get to make new furry friends along with being taken care of in a secure and pet-friendly environment. In addition to this, your pet will be engaged with a range of games to keep them happy and active.

Yes. You can check out our other services that are provided along with PlayDate. Based on your needs, you can pay and avail for services like grooming and special food. 

You can choose the place! You can either have the sitter come to your place with their pet or you can choose to leave your pet in the sitter’s place to be taken care of.

Choose from a pool of certified, trusted, local, affordable pet care service providers for all your pet care needs​