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Pet Sitting -Events

Partying? But want your pet close? We got you!

Gone are the days where you will have to worry about your pet’s well-being while you are away! We know how much you love your pet-babies. We also know that you dislike leaving them alone at home (or worse, at kennels) while you are away partying and having fun. Well, fret not! PawSpace will ensure that certified pet sitters take care of your pet at the venue of your event.

Why should I use PawSpace event services?

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Pets are often left alone at home or kennels when you are attending various (but necessary) events. You end up being constantly worried about their well being and miss them throughout. PawSpace will bring an end to your problems! You can bid goodbye to kennels and the possibility of lonely pets at home. You can hire our certified pet sitters and have them take care of your dogs at the venue of the event you are attending!

For what events can I avail this service?

  • Weddings
  • Corporate office parties
  • Birthday parties
  • Small get-togethers 
  • House parties
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How we work

How will this benefit your pet?

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How will this benefit your pet?

1.No more kennels.
2.No anxiety about your return
3.Timely food and water
4.Get to play with other people
5.Personalized care
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How will this benefit you?

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How will this benefit you?

Can check-up on them anytime
Within your vicinity
Your pet is taken care of by trusted hands
Will be a part of your celebrations
Will not have to leave them alone
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Other perks

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Other perks

Timely updates
Proper and on-time feeding
Sitter will be play fun games with your pet
Sitter will help your pet socialize
Careful following of the Do’s and Don’ts
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Pawspace is a pet aggregator platform that connects pet parents to pet care providers that will treat your pets like family. We offer vital services like boarding, dog walking, grooming, training and vet services to empower pet parents in addition to having products like organic pet food, toys and accessories to support your pet needs.

The venue of the event you are attending. It can be a house, a corporate office or even a wedding venue.

Since the pet sitter will be taking care of your pet at the event itself, it is wise to provide them with clear and comprehensive instructions about your pet’s food and food habits, medications and limitations. Additionally, you also need to inform them about where the pet is allowed and their temperament. 

Yes. If the venue permits walking, the sitter will take your dog for a walk if you specify the need.

Ofcourse! Your pet will be at the venue with the sitter and you can visit them and spend as much time with them as you please. Additionally, you can also bring your friends over so your cute little pet can make more friends.

It is wise to specify instructions about the following while availing this service – 

  • Food – timings and habits
  • Medications – timings and process
  • Temperament
  • Basic commands your pet(s) are familiar with
  • Favorite games 

Yes! As long as everyone attending is comfortable, our pet sitter can bring your pet and help them socialise at the event.

No, Sitters are not allowed to take any direct payments from customers. All the payments and renewals have to be made through the PawSpace portal.

To ensure optimum and quality service, PawSpace allows only upto 3 pets per sitter. 

Partner with us

Love pets at your venue? Us too!
Are you a pet-friendly place looking to conduct events with pets but doesn’t know how to manage them? PawSpace can help! Whenever an event is conducted at your venue, PawSpace can provide you with certified pet sitters to look after the pets that attend them.

How it works

Once your venue is booked with a pet-friendly event and the number of pets attending is gauged, PawSpace will ensure that certified pet sitters will attend the event to take care of the pets. This way, we take off the logistical hassle of making sure the pets do not wander off or enter restricted areas while also taking the weight off the shoulders of the pet parents.