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Parents away? We’ll stay and play!

Are you stuck at work? Dinner plans? Catch a movie? We got your back! Get frequent updates, pictures and videos of your pet being pampered by their new friend! PawSpace connects you with your perfect professional dog sitter  or cat sitter, whenever and wherever you need

Why Choose PawSpace for Your Pet Sitting Needs?

At PawSpace, we understand that your pet is more than just an animal – they’re a beloved member of your family. That’s why we offer professional and compassionate pet sitting services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of your furry friend. Our sitters are experienced, trained, and dedicated to ensuring that your pet is safe, comfortable, and happy while you’re away. Whether you need pet sitting for a few hours or several days, our flexible scheduling and customizable care plans ensure that your pet gets the attention and care they deserve. So why settle for less?

How does Home pet sitting work?

Pet Sitting for cats and dogs.

Meet Our Event Pet Sitters

We Understand how difficult and anxious it is for you as pet parents to leave your pets. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. PawSpace provides a safe and secure environment for your pets while you are travelling or busy at work. Meet our certified sitters who provide a caring, loving, and nurturing environment for your fur babies.

Pet sitting should be considered if

Don’t want to change your pet’s home environment

Have multiple pets at home

Have Male/female pets on their heat cycle

Older pets who are sick and not social

Ferocious pets who are not social with other pets

Your pet needs personalized attention

Professional dog sitters

How Your Pet Will Benefit

With a cat/dog sitter at home, your pet will feel secure.

Being surrounded by familiar sights, smells, and sounds.

Following their regular diet and exercise routine

Having playtime

Receiving love and personal attention

Maintaining medical treatment, when required

Having someone responsible in case of an emergency

Eliminating the trauma of travel or an unfamiliar environment.

Helping to ensure good health.

How you will benefit

Knowing that your pet is in caring, loving hands of PawSpace’s best pet sitting services

Having the confidence that the pet sitter can deal with other issues - such as grooming, vet visits

Eliminating the trauma of having to transport and leave your pet

Not having to impose on family, friends or neighbours

PawSpace’s Comprehensive Pet Sitting Services

At PawSpace, we offer a comprehensive range of pet sitting services to meet the needs of pet owners. Our services include in-home pet sitting, daily check-ins, and overnight stays. We also offer dog walking, feeding, and administering medication as needed. All of our pet sitters are experienced and trained to provide the best care for your pet

We only work with truly experienced pet lovers who have the skills, and the temperament to ensure incredible experiences for your pets.

Get The PawSpace


Book with us and you can be assured of:

No More Cages nor Kennel

Your fur buddy will be under a pet lovers watch

No more frantic calls to friends & family

Loving personalized pet care

Routine/ Specialized needs? we take care!

Regular photo & Video updates

Our Pet Sitting Services Charges

699/- Only

All food items to be provided by the customer.

Minimum 2 times a day walking is included.

Professional grooming can be availed at 799/-

Play time & Fun time

Contact us to Schedule Your Pet Sitting Service Today or have a special request or concern Just call us with your requirements

Call Us - 8810651375/ 7259103500


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Shreya SinghShreya Singh
10:37 20 Feb 23
I had left my 5 months old shitzu puppy for 6 days. I was little worried as it was my first time leaving him. Regular updates were given. Over experience was great. My dog enjoyed a lot there.Thank you Surya was arranging and always checking on him.Sahin thanks for taking care for him like your own dog . Thank you so much
raghavendra datheraghavendra dathe
10:29 05 Feb 23
Very good service from Balu and team from PawSpace . Strongly suggest to take their service often to ensure your pet looks great and healthy .Even after everything they cleaned my terrace too .
Nayana RameshNayana Ramesh
07:37 25 Jul 22
This was the first grooming experience my dog had from Pawspace. Team came down to groom my girl and she was very gentle and patient with my brat. He did an absolutely thorough job. Thank you so much and looking forward to get more services. Pleased and satisfied! Definitely recommended. Thank you paw space
Shashwath PrakashShashwath Prakash
11:23 05 Jun 22
It was an excellent service what pawspace gave us. The grooming services was a top notch, the quality of materials used was of high end. Mr.Surya and MR.Dhanush gave us fantastic service for my pet, thanks to pawspace. Looking forward for more sessions where you give door stop service.
Nitilekha SaikiaNitilekha Saikia
16:58 16 May 22
It was my first time with Paw Space and I appreciate the confirmation on short notice. I enquired and wanted the services within 3 days of my travel planned. The team was able to come back on this. Proficient and Professional is what I would say. My four fur babies were together in a home with Winnie Gorge and she managed them well and took care of them. I would also like offer my thanks and gratitude to Stephen who has been my pet sitter. We were introduced through PS and till date he has loved my pets and take good care of them. I would add that managing my 4 babies is not easy and Stephen did really well and all the times he has been my pet sitter. He is calm and silent and goes very well with my fur babies. To sum it up- Kind and Caring. I am satisfied with the services provided and will forward to it in future too. Thank you 😊
cleony rishikacleony rishika
18:05 10 Apr 22
No words can comprehend my feeling. I was so concerned of who to hire and will it match my expectations, Venilla proved and met way beyond my expectations. Being along with the process and understanding my motive for the training was simply seamless. A 4 month old puppy's off leash training achievement with her is my proud baby girl moment.
Anuja RaiAnuja Rai
15:41 10 Apr 22
Got my 8 month old Golden Retriever groomed by PawSpace today. They brought all the equipment and products needed for the session. They worked and loved on my pup like he was theirs. Very friendly folk. They played around with him a little after they finished. Also gave me some really great advice on my pup's diet, exercise and skin/hair care. Very knowledgeable and polite people. Would definitely recommend their services to pet parents around here.
Tshering ChodenTshering Choden
21:46 17 Mar 22
Booking wise: No issues, very easy to set up an appointment although it doesn't show or says confirmed anywhere, like no text or email. But you get a phone call to confirm the appointment.I had groomer John Michael for my kitten. He was very spontaneous, to the point (the moment he arrived, he started right away), very friendly and joyful, knows how to handle cats & kittens. He said he also grooms dogs. He also has good knowledge about breeds and what to feed and etc. Thank you for the service Michael.
Pawspace team came home on time for and gave an amazing spa experience for our fur baby. We were a little skeptical as to how the service would be as previously we didn’t get a great experience earlier from a diff provider. We will definitely book again. The team was very patient in answering lot of questions. Kudos
Neetu NanaiahNeetu Nanaiah
05:59 14 Jan 22
Diesel was taken care very well. He really felt home …. Which is something we wanted. He found a friend & a bro too… Chaitra was very humble & kind & took care of diesel very well… it was a very nice experience.. daily videos & photos were shared to make us comfortable.. thank you once again
Vidisha LimbuVidisha Limbu
07:25 06 Jan 22
I am very happy with the service they have provided for my boy. Groomers were Very friendly and approachable. Highly recommend them for ur pets. My boy is all set to steal the show!! Thank you much and looking forward to get more services. Pleased and satisfied!
Abhishek VasudevAbhishek Vasudev
13:55 03 Jan 22
Very impressed with the services. As we stay in the outskirts of Bangalore and it didn't fall under the serviceable area, they did go an extra few miles and arrived. I must say they did a great job! I would recommend Pawspace to all.They knew how to handle the dogs and the due came well prepared for a complete end to end service.Thanks again guys.
Thank you for the quick confirmation this time. Surya and Vignesh did an incredible job on my lab and also suggested a few things on how to keep my K9 healthy. Recommended this for everyone who wants a quick grooming session for their loving pet. Happy with my experience so far. ☺️
Prarthana BasuPrarthana Basu
11:33 10 Dec 21
I was quite apprehensive at first as I had never known anyone nor experienced myself on a first hand basis but, I am incredibly happy that my two month old Cocker Spaniel had a great time over at Shweta's home along with her two lovely doggos.My Piku seems calmer and poised these days and I know now that I can vouch for Pawspace's services, especially the ones who are experienced in handling dogs of various ages and do it with utmost of care. 🙂
Anjani BishtAnjani Bisht
15:54 01 Dec 21
It was Angel’s (my baby pet) first boarding experience being with new humans around. And I am sure he loved it. Chaitra, thank you so much for your patience love and bravery to care Angel and giving him best experience. Angel is not friendly and takes time to adjust, it’s incredible how you made him love you so much in first visit. Keep up amazing work.. Home environment for your beloved your pet. Thank you so much…
Satheesh KumarSatheesh Kumar
14:34 03 Nov 21
Paw-space have a very efficient staffing who are pet lovers. Surya & his colleague provided an excellent quality service. Simba got his grooming & also an haircut done & he looks super cool now with his new look.Their pricing is very reasonable when compared to others too
Archana ShettyArchana Shetty
11:06 24 Oct 21
I have a Labrador Retriever and I was looking for someone who could help me when I NEED to leave the pet with someone or someplace safe and taken care of when I'm away. And PAWSPACE team have been really helpful in finding a person even during my emergency requests on short notice.Thank you for making the arrangements and keeping our pets safe!
s bobbys bobby
16:15 19 Oct 21
I've had a great experience. Whenever I needed pet boarding service, they helped me find a suitable one even on very short notice. They are very reliable. I'm really happy with their service.
Haritha THaritha T
09:34 14 Oct 21
PawSpace was my saviour when I had to travel for 4 days & I couldn't find anyone to cat-sit two of my cats! But the team made sure that I got matched with a good cat boarder & it was a seamless process! They are very professional in handling everything too. I'm glad I found them because now I don't worry much about my cats when I make my travel plans. Extremely grateful for the service they provide.
neha chandelneha chandel
13:09 13 Oct 21
I had an amazing experience with the boarder. I left my 5 month old pup for the first time and he received absolute attention and all his needs were taken care of. He was well taken care of and I received regular updates in form of videos and photos which was really reassuring. I feel much more comfortable leaving him at the boarder now for any future needs.
Srishti PanchagaviSrishti Panchagavi
16:15 20 Sep 21
My pup had a great time with the boarder. He was given complete attention, and every single need was taken care of. It honestly got me relaxed because I knew that my pup is safe and healthy. And this was my first time leaving my 6 months old pup alone, but the boarder made him feel homely, I am very much thankful to pawspace for this experience!!. Thank you 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Sitting Service.

It can be hard to find a sitter you can trust, especially if you have a pet that is senior or needs some special care. For some pets it can even be traumatizing to remove them outside of the environment where they feel comfortable and loved. Hence a trusted pet sitting service that can do ‘in-home sitting’ is your best bet. Pawspace is the go to pet sitting community in Bangalore for pets of all shapes and sizes. Our Pawstars are trained and sensitized to ensure that they are compassionate and knowledgeable about your pet’s needs to ensure a great experience for your pets. 

Every Pawstar is strictly vetted by us to ensure that your pet is in safe hands. We run thorough background checks before onboarding anyone onto the platform. Furthermore, every pet sitting booking is backed with regular updates on your furry friend and 24/7 customer support. 

When you book with Pawspace, you will receive constant picture and video updates to ensure that your pet is kept in a cage free environment and has plenty of space to run around and play. You can also ask for updates about their feeding routine, walks, activity, medication and more. You also receive a host of benefits such as pet injury insurance, payment protection and dedicated customer support.

The cost for pet sitting depends on a variety of factors such as type of animal, breed, size, dietary requirements, medical conditions and more. It can vary from 300 per day to 800 per day in case of larger breeds with special requirements. To get an exact quote for your pet, call us on +91 88106 51375. 

Finding the perfect pet sitter near you is easy with PawSpace. Make a request. Next, we help you meet prospective pet sitters near your location and you can choose the one most suitable. Lastly, make a secure payment and relax while we take over your pet’s care while you are away. 


We understand the emotions behind leaving your beloved pet with another individual; which is why PawSpace strives to make you feel confident in the choice of your pet sitter. 

Every one of PawSpace’s pet sitters has been thoroughly reviewed by our team. All pet sitters and other service providers must be at least 18 years old. They must also – 


  • Build a pet carer profile with their personal details, pictures and pet care experience 
  • Pass a thorough background check 
  • Pass a pet carer quiz and officially get PawSpace certified 


PawSpace also provides sitters with relevant resource material so they can provide customers world class services. 


Tip : We recommend scheduling an in person/ online Meet and Greet before confirming your booking with the chosen pet sitter. This way, you can assess if the individual is a perfect fit. 

With PawSpace, it’s simple to find the perfect sitter for your pet. Here’s how we help you – 


  • We find 3 sitters who seem like the perfect fit for your pet – 
  • PawSpace schedules a Meet and Greet session with the sitters(s) you like
  • Book and pay through PawSpace 

Please note that PawSpace will refund you the total amount for cancellation done 24 hours before the date of appointment. However, if it is done on the scheduled date, we will be imposing a 30 per cent penalty fee. 

We understand that your pets are an integral part of your life. So, after analysing the sitter choices given to you, always go with your gut. Every sitter at PawSpace is experienced to take up all your pet’s needs while you are away. 

A pet sitter is required to provide meals, walks, play time and medications (if any) to your pet as per instructed by the pet parent. However, if the customer requires grooming services as well, they may request the same if the sitter is experienced in grooming pets. 

Yes, the pet sitter will be able to provide medications to the pet if required. 

Decide on a sitter whom you can trust completely. Make it a point to clearly discuss your expectations and the frequency of updates that you require. Don’t forget to create a schedule that you will ultimately share with the sitter. Call your vet to inform them that your pet will be under the care of a sitter while you are away. Let your sitter know about any allergies, medications, likes, dislikes, favourite toys and other crucial information. You may list any rules that your pet follows such as “no dogs on furniture”.