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Why Do You Need Pet License and Pet ownership Certificate?

A BBMP Dog license is essential to be a responsible pet parent and what’s more it can save you from potential hassles with your neighbors. It ensures that your dog is legally registered and cannot be taken away from you.

You have legal recourse and grounds in case of any dispute arising from your pet’s behaviour. 

Pawspace in collaboration with INKC offers an Ownership Registration Certificate for your pet that will establish the Ownership details along with the Breed and Lineage details of your pet.

What’s more, an INKC registration will help to establish the ownership of your pet all over the world, not just in Bangalore.

How Pet Licensing works with Pawspace?

At PawSpace we will help pet owners navigate the business of getting a Pet license and Dog ownership certificate from the comfort of your home.

Benefits of getting a dog license or dog permit

  • You will be acting as a responsible pet owner by getting legal certification from the government to keep dogs in your home or apartment.

  • By getting legal permission to keep a pet in your home, No one will be able to challenge you for keeping a dog in your home or apartment.This is especially critical in places such as apartments where neighbors might object to pet ownership.

  • Getting a pet license establishes that you have taken responsibility for the animal and ensure it’s welfare, vaccination and health status.It helps to avoid litigation and liability in case of your pet biting or hurting someone.

  • Getting a Dog Ownership certificate will help to establish the ownership of your pet by microchipping your pet  and registering your pet with INKC.

  • Getting an ownership certificate for your dog will help you in case your pet goes missing, also to get Dog Insurance and international relocation of pets will need mandatory microchipping.

Pointers to keep in mind for pet license/dog registration

    • Dogs, especially if they are purebred, have to be registered to maintain pedigree. 

    • Dogs must be named as per ruled laid out by INKC

    • A dog with both parents unregistered cannot be registered and cannot be referred to as a pedigree dog. 

    • In case of false particulars or misdemeanours, the dog registration can be cancelled or suspended. 

BBMP License

Certification from INKC

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Pet registration is mandatory to ensure that your pet is protected, vaccinated and well cared for. Registration is also important as the funds from registration go towards animal welfare and protection of strays in the country. If you register your dog you can claim the pedigree of the animal, avoid litigation in case of dog bite and transfer ownership easily.

Pawspace is a specialist in all things pet related, Pet registration is our latest offering to make things easier for pet parents. We’ve done the hard work of doing all the research and the paperwork for you. Choose Pawspace and you can get your dog registered with a BBMP dog license as well as an INKC ownership certificate from the comfort of your home.

Dog or pet licensing procedures  differ from state to state and currently it is offered by BBMP to license your pet in Bengaluru. Even though it is Not mandatory yet, there are several news reports that BBMP licensing will be made compulsory soon.  Do take note that unless registered the municipality has the right to take the animal away from the owner incase of any complaints from the neighbor or any incident with your pet. You can choose Pawspace to help you get your pet registered online, we’ll take care of the formalities and ensure a hassle free experience.

The registration costs for your dog depends on when you choose to get the pet registered. If the pet is registered before 60 days of birth the fee can be considerably cheaper than if registered later. You can also choose to register a litter of pups together as well. 


To get an exact quote for your pet, call us on +91 88106 51375. 

No, cats are not eligible.

Yes, dogs will be microchipped during pet ownership registration.

Currently it is optional, however BBMP is looking to make it mandatory in the near future

No, health concerns arise due to microchipping. During the insertion there may be little soreness and in rare cases bleeding for a very short while.

No, microchipping of your dog doesn’t enable GPS tracking.

Once inserted it will be active/work till the lifetime of the Dog.

No vet visit needed. Pawspace vet will come to your home for microchipping of the pet.

Valid Rabies vaccination is required. Pawspace can arrange for a vet  to visit your home for getting your pet vaccinated.

Total duration to get the license and ownership certificate is 14 to 15 working days.

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