Pet Funeral Services In Bangalore

A fitting final goodbye for your furry friend

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Envision a different approach to the way we think about death

Every life deserves to be remembered and celebrated uniquely. It is all the more critical, comforting and gratifying that we give a respectful and dignified adieu when it comes to our pets. PawSpace helps you navigate your dog funeral or pet funeral without stressing out about the details. 

We take care of everything so you can grieve in peace and honour their memory. If you’re looking for pet cremation in Bangalore or pet funeral services in Bangalore, we can help you plan a memorable and fitting tribute.

Pet Funeral Services
Pet Cremation in Bangalore

How we can help you

Pawspace, in association with Last Ripple, our Farewell services partner, are here to help you with a range of services.

Our pets made us their whole world and have given us unconditional love during the time they shared with us, so when that special relationship comes to an end – it is natural to grieve. We at Pawspace understand the pain of experiencing such loss and we know that it can be challenging and confusing. 

Our team is experienced in covering each aspect of a funeral service with the utmost sincerity and respect.

Pet Funeral Services in Bangalore

Our Services

Pet Funeral Arrangements

Pet Cremation Services

Transportation Services
( Mortuary Van)

Freezer Box Services

Priest & Pandit for last rites

Obituary services

A Living Memory, Ash Plantation Service

Use your pet’s ashes and turn them into a living breathing memory. Ash plantation uses the cremated ashes of your pet and creates a plant to help leave a mark for legacy and posterity. If you aren’t ready to say goodbye just yet and need a fond reminder of their presence in your journey, opt for this beautiful and unique way to commemorate them. 

Pet Transport Bangalore

Cremation charges

  • Additional 500/- would be charged for the freezer box incase we receive the pet-body pick-up call after 4pm anyday

Ash Plantation charges


What we take care of

  • End to end management of the funeral process.

  • Available for not just cat and dog funerals but also for hamsters, birds, dogs, cats, cows, horses, etc. 

  • Completely sanitised and strict COVID regulations are followed 

  • Offers private cremation 

  • Transfer of pet on the same day of passing to the dog burial ground/dog cemetery/dog crematorium (or any other pet)

  • Witness cremation through video/ photos 
  • Freezer boxes to store deceased pet 

  • Pet obituary and Pet grievance counselling

  • Ash plantation – India’s first initiative to create patent-pending biodegradable URNs which turns your beloved into living memory trees 

  • Available 24*7 / 365 days 

  • Pet-friendly support staff Garlands and white cloth in which the body could be wrapped 

  • After our planting system makes the plantation, we provide online plant mentoring on demand

  • On-demand visit for the plant-check mechanism

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“I’m really happy I found Last Ripple at the right time when my beloved dog passed away. I’m happy now that my dog still lives as a tree. I water it daily just like I fed him”

Jugdish Ahuja, Bangalore​

“I used to take care of my dog like my brother and I was not able to believe that he is no more. The only thing that consoles me now is seeing him grow in another form”

Shakti, Bangalore
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Pawspace ensures that you don’t spend the last moments with your pet worrying about their last rites. We take care of everything from transport, pet burial or pet cremation, commemoration and more. We offer the best pet funeral service in Bangalore at affordable and accessible rates. 


Pet funeral costs can range from anywhere between 5000- 15000 based on the services opted for. You can go either for a simple cremation or can choose to go for ash plantation, final rites and more. We provide extensive support including counselling to help you deal with your loss.
PawSpace funeral services can be availed 24*7 / 365 days. The body will be transferred to the burial ground or cremation ground on the same day of the pet’s passing. Pet cremation charges and funeral charges will be discussed with you beforehand and we will ensure a dignified send off for your furry companion.

The decision whether to go for pet cremation or pet funeral is a personal one. Usually, cremations are considered as they are more economical and readily available. You can also personalize the funeral by choosing an Ash plantation or any other memorial. When you work with Pawspace, we will ensure you know exactly the way your pet’s remains will be handled so that you can be stress-free during a time of grief. 

We at PawSpace respect the birth and death of every pet. Funeral services are available for all animals such as dogs, cats, hamsters, cows, horses, etc. 

PawSpace transfers the pet on the same of passing to the burial ground/crematory.

The LAST RIPPLE planting system contains a biodegradable Urn, nutritious soil, keep-safe container for ashes, Geo-tag, and instructions for planting.

The Last Ripple Urns do not have an expiration date- thanks to the materials used to create them. To favour its preservation, we recommend storing the urn in a dry place away from extreme heat, or humidity. If you don’t plan on using your urn anytime soon, we recommend getting a bio urn without seed. You can add your preferred seed at the moment of planting.

No, the Bios Urn is 100% biodegradable, and made with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives.

The urns require the same care as a normal tree: water, sunlight and good temperature. As such, in order to ensure proper growth, a site with proper soil humidity, an appropriate temperature and few hours of sunlight must be selected. Since these requirements vary from tree to tree, please make sure you adhere to the care requirements for your specific tree.

Yes, you can plant anything of your choice.

Yes, you can plant the urn in a planting pot with enough capacity to bury the urn and then transplant it to its final location.

The Last Ripple Urn is created in such a way that is easy to manage and ensures growth. For those who lack green thumbs, it cares, waters, and monitors itself. The first months of growing a tree from a seed are the most important, in order to ensure that your tree will grow healthy, please make sure it receives adequate sunlight, and that you choose a tree that is native to the environment. In the off-chance that a tree does not grow, you can plant additional seeds beneath the surface of the soil. For further assistance you can mail

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