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A home away from home

Your pet’s care shouldn’t worry you – be it on a short weekend getaway or a long vacation. Unwind, relax and recharge. You needn’t look for a cat/dog care centre or a doggy daycare either. Let our devoted pet boarders treat your fur-babies to their very own getaway. Fret not, you shall receive  frequent periodical  updates of their activities

How Pet Boarding Works With Pawspace?

Pet Boarding for cats and dogs.

Why Pet Boarding ?

Pet boarding should be considered if

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Pet boarding should be considered if

Your baby is friendly and social

Your pet is of calm temperament and potty trained

You need boarding to be provided away from your home since you stay in shared space along with family/friends

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How your pet will benefit

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How your pet will benefit

Socialize with more pets and people 

One on one dedicated care

Routine feeding and exercising, proper administration of medication, etc.  

Receiving love and personal attention

Our pet boarders are trained and capable of handling emergencies with constant support from PawSpace

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How you will benefit

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How you will benefit

You can take a long due trip with no worries 

No more frantic calls to  family, friends or neighbours, we will take care of it 

Receive frequent updates of your happy pet  



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We only work with truly experienced pet lovers who have the skills, and the temperament to ensure incredible experiences for your pets.

Get The PawSpace Assurance
Book with us and you can be assured of:

Certified Service providers by Pawspace

Cage-free environment

Personalised care to address your pet needs

Regular photo/ video updates of your pet to ensure peace of mind.

Quality service and consistency

Reliable and flexible service

Our Packages


Upto 10 Kg
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.262
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.337
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.412
  • For 5 days @ Rs.1875
  • For 10 days @ Rs.3580
  • For 21 days @ Rs.6426
  • For 30 days @ Rs.8880


Upto 10 Months
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.449
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.549
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.649
  • For 5 days @ Rs.2900
  • For 10 days @ Rs.5650
  • For 21 days @ Rs.10122
  • For 30 days @ Rs.14010

Toy Size Breeds

Upto 10 Kg
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.349
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.449
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.549
  • For 5 days @ Rs.2500
  • For 10 days @ Rs.4780
  • For 21 days @ Rs.8547
  • For 30 days @ Rs.11,850

Medium Size Breeds

11-25 Kgs
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.399
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.499
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.599
  • For 5 days @ Rs.2750
  • For 10 days @ Rs.5210
  • For 21 days @ Rs.9324
  • For 30 days @ Rs.12930

Large Size Breeds

26-45 Kgs
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.449
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.549
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.649
  • For 5 days @ Rs.2900
  • For 10 days @ Rs.5650
  • For 21 days @ Rs.10122
  • For 30 days @ Rs.14010

Giant Size Breeds

Above 45 Kgs
  • Upto 4hrs @ Rs.519
  • Upto 12hrs @ Rs.629
  • Upto 24hrs @ Rs.749
  • For 5 days @ Rs.3335
  • For 10 days @ Rs.6490
  • For 21 days @ Rs.11634
  • For 30 days @ Rs.16110

Additional Information:

  • Boarding upto 4 hours – includes treats & Water.

  • Boarding for 12 hours and more
  1. Include basic food.
  2. Basic Grooming: + Rs.600
  3. Chicken: + Rs.100
  4. Two times per day walking
  5. Pick Up / Drop Up : 300/each way

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What Our Pet Parents Say

Frequently Asked Questions.

When you choose Pawspace for pet boarding in Bangalore you can be rest assured that your pet receives the love and attention they are used to. Our Pawstars are trained and sensitized to ensure that they are compassionate and knowledgeable about your pet’s needs and are well equipped to deal with situations that may arise during pet boarding. 

Every Pawstar is strictly vetted by us to ensure that your pet is in safe hands. We run thorough background checks before onboarding anyone onto the platform. Furthermore, every pet boarding booking is backed with regular updates on your furry friend and 24/7 customer support.

When you book with Pawspace, you will receive constant picture and video updates to ensure that your pet is kept in a cage free environment and has plenty of space to run around and play. You can also ask for updates about their feeding routine, walks, activity, medication and more. You also receive a host of benefits such as payment protection and dedicated customer support.

The cost for pet boarding depends on a variety of factors such as type of animal, breed, size, dietary requirements, medical conditions and more. It can vary from 500 per day to 800 per day in case of larger breeds with special requirements. To get an exact quote for your pet, call us on +91 88106 51375. 

Well socialized dogs can be left at pet boarding for upto 90 days, however, it is advisable to get them familiar to the environment and the handler for shorter terms such as a week or more before attempting a longer stay. Ensure that you give the boarding service all the necessary information to ensure your pet is comfortable including their likes and dislikes and dietary preferences.

The Meet and Greet is a chance for the pet parent and pet boarder to meet one another and the pet before committing the service is confirmed. It may be online or offline. It is the perfect opportunity for the pet parent to discuss their expectations from the service with the potential pet boarder.

Boarding is perfect for your pet if he/she is friendly, is potty trained and has a calm temperament.

With PawSpace, it’s simple to find the perfect boarder for your pet. Here’s how we help you – 


  • We find 3 boarders who seem like the perfect fit for your pet – 
  • PawSpace schedules a Meet and Greet session with the boarder(s) you like

At PawSpace, we adore all animals; you’ll find boarders who are willing to take care of dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other animals. However, certain pets such as snakes are prohibited from being boarded on PawSpace. 

Simply make a request for your pet’s boarding service and book on PawSpace.

Please note that PawSpace will refund you the total amount for cancellation done 24 hours before the date of appointment. However, if it is done on the scheduled date, we will be imposing a 30 per cent penalty fee

A pet boarder is required to provide meals, walks, play time and medications (if any) to your pet as per instructed by the pet parent. However, if the customer requires grooming services as well, they may request the same if the boarder is experienced in grooming pets.

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