Things to Make Sure Your Pet Caretaker Knows

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  • Heading out of town and need a caretaker for your pet? Worry not. There are exceptional pet boarding services in Whitefield that can care for your pet in your absence. However, for peace of mind, ensure the caretaker knows the following information.

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Benefits of Pet Boarding Services

Feeding Routine

If you have a pet boarder, give them clear instructions on what to feed your pet, how much to give, and how often they should feed it. If you entrust more than one pet, supply written instructions for feeding each pet. This way, the boarder won’t run out of feed. Also, let the caretaker know how often you give your pets treats. These instructions can come in handy even if you have availed of a pet boarding in Whitefield.

Emergency Contact Information

You must always leave your itinerary and contact details with the pet boarder before leaving. Along with your information, provide the phone numbers of the vet that you frequent and maybe a friend or family member who can help if needed.

Exercise Schedule

Physical activity is something most pets enjoy. Apart from your absence, avoid more chaos in the pet’s schedule and let them keep their exercise routine. Let the caretaker know how often to take them out for a walk and the locations your pet favours.


If your pet has a health condition requiring the caretaker’s special attention, mention it. The professional boarders won’t need too many instructions, but give them clear directions on the timing for each medication. If you use any tricks to get your pet to take the medication, be sure to tell the caretaker about that too.

The No’s and Don’ts

Is your pet prone to running out of the open door? Do they chew on people’s shoes or pee on the furniture? Let the caretaker know about all the house rules your pet has. Think about any situation where your pet acts differently and explain those to the caretaker.

Final Thoughts

All these points might seem like a no-brainer, but they can benefit your caretaker. If you feel uncomfortable leaving your pet with a caretaker alone, pet boarding services in Whitefield can ease your mind. PawSpace offers quality pet care services in Bangalore for pet parents who need an extra hand. Contact us today to know more about pet boarding in Whitefield and our other awesome services for you and you fur baby

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