Pet Boarder

Get paid doing what you love

Do you love animals? Looking for a way to earn from the convenience of your own home? PawSpace’s pet boarding could be your perfect job!

Job Responsibilities

  • Making sure the pet is fed on time, and according to pet owners’ special instructions (including administering medication)

  • Identifying any behavioral concerns, conveying them to customers and finding solutions for the same.

  • Playing with the dog, which includes walks, to encourage mental and physical stimulation.

  • Maintaining cleanliness of surroundings when walking the dog.

  • Providing regular updates to the owners – via telephone, videos and photos.

  • Promptly notifying the owners of any mishaps such as injuries.

  • Taking care of the pet as per PawSpace standards and customer’s requirements.

Job requirements

Do you love animals? Looking for an easy way to earn from a stress free environment?

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  • Above 18 years of age
  • Basic communication skills to interact with the pet owners
  • Sound understanding of pet behaviour
  • Patient, reliable and trustworthy
  • Proven experience of working with pets
  • Love for animals


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What our pet carers say

“I’m an IT professional and has been working from home from past 6 years.Both me and my husband are avid dog lovers. I love spending time with the furry babies as their love is unconditional and that gives me joy.I own a 11 months old golden retriever and she is my best friend. So we decided to become PawSpace boarders. We get company for our pet and also we are working from home – we can enjoy company of more pets whilst getting paid for same. 🙂 :)”


“It was a real pleasure taking care of , PawSpace ensured I was comfortable and communicated well in advance about the requirements. Payment also was made on time and they just made sure I had zero problems during the period of the service. Would recommend to both pet sitters and pet parents.”