What is Pawspace assurance?

Pawspace is a platform started by and for pet lovers. Our foremost concern always lies in the well-being of the pet. We strive to always be there for the necessary pet care needs

Pawspace assurance includes:

  • Reimbursement of vet bill for upto INR 10,000 for pet-related injury of either the client’s pet or the sitter’s pet. This can be claimed after upto 28 days after the date of the service booking. 
  • 24/7 assistance and swift response in the event of any damages/injuries to the pet.

Every booking made on Pawspace is backed by the Pawspace Guarantee, which includes up to INR10,000 in vet care for eligible claims

Please note: 

  • If you intend to claim money for the vet costs under Pawspace assurance, the injury or damage must have resulted in the duration of Pawspace services. 
  • Only if the person/people responsible are unwilling or unable to pay the costs of the damage caused, Pawspace assurance can be availed.

Please note: Pawspace assurance is not and CANNOT be treated as any form of insurance for damages/injuries.

Let’s dig into more of the details

The Snouters Guarantee covers

  • Up to INR 10,000 in vet care reimbursement for eligible claims related to injury to either the pet owner’s or sitter’s pets.
  • 24/7 support

The Snouters Guarantee does not cover

  • Damages to the sitter’s property or home.

  • Injury to sitters, dog walkers, and groomers.

  • Injuries to family members or roommates.

  • Vet care costs beyond 30 days.

  • Anything pre-existing or preventable — such as fleas and ticks

In order to be eligible, injuries or damages must result from care provided during a service booked and paid through Snouters. In general, the Guarantee reimburses costs in the event the responsible party is unwilling or unable to pay.

See Snouters Guarantee Terms for full details

Before you raise the claim for Pawspace assurance

  1. Contact Pawspace – Pawspace assistance is available 24×7, so in the event of any damages or injuries, contact Pawspace immediately. There are always chances of the damage/injury being rectified immediately through Pawspace resources or assistance. Make sure you inform Pawspace no later than 24 hours from the time of the mishap.
  2. Contact the other party – After intimating Pawspace, if the issue is not fixed, contact the other party involved. Oftentimes, a simple discussion has the potential to resolve the issue. However, ensure that Pawspace is kept in loop throughout the entire time of contact with the other party. 
  3. Check for insurance – If insurance covers any of the damages/injuries caused, please avail the same from your insurance provider. If the correct documents and proof is provided, Pawspace will be happy to cover the costs that are not included in the insurance policy.

After you follow all the other steps, if you feel you still require reimbursement from Pawspace, ensure you have the following.

  • For vet care costs 
  • A proper prescription, vet notes and invoices issued by a certified veterinarian.
  • Photos of the injury and/or cause of the injury, receipts and relevant documents
    1. For Property damage costs 
    • Clear photos and videos (if possible) of the damage
    • Receipts, original product packaging, warranty cards, and other proof of ownership.

Please note: 

  • All the documentation and proof should be submitted within a week (5-7 days) of the injury. 
  • After the submission, the Pawspace team will review the eligibility of the reimbursement claim, follow up with additional questions if required, and then proceed with the formalities accordingly. 
  • All the persons involved will also be required to provide a written statement.

How to file a Pawspace Assurance claim -

  1. Determine your eligibility – Make sure your claim falls under all the above mentioned details/specifications and you are eligible to claim for a reimbursement.
  2. Send an email to karthik@pawspace.in with all the necessary details, proofs and documents.
  3. Wait for intimation – After you file a claim, Pawspace team will require a minimum of 5 days to evaluate the claim and confirm the details/documents submitted. If necessary, the Pawspace team will contact you with additional questions regarding the incident that led to the injury/damage. Every party involved will also have to provide a written and signed statement regarding the situation.
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Pawspace assurance does not include reimbursement for -

  • Injuries to the the service providers 
  • Injuries to family members or roommates
  • Pre-existing and/or preventable causes (For example: fleas, diseases) and chronic and/or breed-specific diseases
  • Vet care after 28 days from the date of booking 
  • Damages to the pet service provider’s home, property or belongings.
  • Theft. In cases of theft, please contact local law enforcements
  • Losses and damages that can be availed by ANY insurance 
  • Consequential, emotional or any non-economic damages related to the incident
  • Any injury/damage that occurs 28 days past the date of injury/damage

For vet care-related claims, include the following:

  • All veterinary treatment notes and invoices from a board-certified practicing veterinarian.

  • Any photos, additional receipts, and other relevant documents.

Note: All documentation must be submitted within seven days of the injury. Once we’ve received these documents, Snouter’s claims team will review to determine eligibility. Should we have additional questions, we may follow up with either party.

For property damage claims, include the following:

All potentially relevant documentation, including
  • Photos of the damage.
  • Receipts, original product packaging, warranty cards, or other proof of ownership to help establish fair market value.

Note: All documentation must be submitted within seven days of the injury. Once we’ve received these documents, Snouter’s claims team will review to determine eligibility. Should we have additional questions, we may follow up with either party.