Leaving your Senior Dog with a Pet Boarder

Senior Dog Pet Boarding

We understand that vacations, although exciting, aren’t the easiest things to plan for pet parents since it means to be on the lookout for professional pet boarders. You might be more worried when leaving an older dog behind, which requires around the clock care. But there is no reason to worry if you do some prior research about what arrangements to make; create the perfect daily routine for your senior dog and a kit with essentials that are important to them.

How to prepare for the boarding?  

Unlike younger dogs, senior dogs are comfortable with their daily routine. So, make sure to request your pet boarder to stick to the plan you provided, so your pooch will be happier. Moreover, you must send him off along with his bed, favourite toys that would carry scents closer to home. 

A huge responsibility that you must follow through is to identify a well reputed and sincere pet boarder. The pet professional must be backed up by plenty of experience to successfully carry out any unexpected scenarios while your dog is with them.    PawSpace boarders not only make it a point to care for your dog entirely but also make sure to send you regular updates of your happy pooch via images and texts. As a pet parent, you must know that nothing senior dogs love more than a perfect ol’ day of pampering. At PawSpace, we believe in making pet parenthood a hassle-free experience which means we can cater to any other services such as pet grooming that you would wish to book.    If your dog is a natural at socialising, there isn’t much to be apprehensive about. But if they aren’t, do familiarise them with the prospective pet boarder, so they know a new but familiar face.    

Your senior dog’s health 

Often senior dogs can have health conditions such as diabetes, bone disease and heart disease that require routine medication. In addition to that, they may need special foods, vitamins and supplements.    

Another factor that could stress the pet parent is that senior dogs are highly susceptible to infections as their immune systems are not so strong. Once they acquire an infection, it may take time to heal as well. So, when looking for a pet boarder, make sure that they are willing to provide that extra care but have prior experience in doing so.    

While packing your senior dog’s essentials kit, make sure to add these items – food, medication with dosage and administration guidelines, vet contact, favourite toys, emergency contact, bed, etc. You may even add one of your T-shirts so he can constantly smell you while looking for comfort.    

Even though leaving behind a senior dog might give you nightmares every night, you can have your little break as long as you follow the above instructions and choose the perfect boarder. You might even be surprised to know that several pet professionals prefer caring for senior dogs since they are potty trained and don’t need a lot of running around as puppies do!   If you stick to these steps and make plans with PawSpace’s trusted pet boarders, there is nothing that is stopping your senior furry friend from being well cared for and kept happy. PawSpace hopes to provide you with pet parenting solutions through the best pet sitting services, dog walking, etc. 

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