Home Boarding for Pets


In a lot of those instances when you are traveling without your four-legged furry family member you need to make that travel away from them just a bit easier. Traveling without your dog can be really stressful and oftentimes the most stressful part is figuring out what you are going to do with them as you prepare for your trip. There the follow up thought that comes to mind are- is there someone out there who can take good care of your pet? Someone who can look after the way you do and provide the pet a home away from home? 

This need of the hour has conceptualized the idea of not just boarding but the “Home Boarding of pets”.


What is Home Boarding for Pets


“Home boarding of pets” is just another home for your pet. When you travel without your pet, you prefer another home for their stay during your trip. A place where they find similar love, care, attention and food. Pets can stay there for a day, night, week or upto months. This paid service by really good experienced pet lovers at their houses is termed as “Home Boarding of pets”.


How to Select a Good Home Boarding for pets


Now finding and selecting a good home boarding place for your pet is equally important too. There are few things you need to keep in mind while selecting a suitable place are:-


Distance- How far is the place from your house is the first thing to consider. Within the 5-7km is easy to pick-up and drop for both boarder and you as well.


Experience- You always would like to board your dog to someone who has good experience in handling pets and taking good care of them.


Required house structure/size- You need to gauge it according to the breed and requirements of your pet. Whether you need an independent large house or just 2/3bhk apartment works for you. Go accordingly.


Compatibility with the boarder- Its always advised to check compatibility of your pet with the concerned pet. You can have a mini interactive session with the boarder and can watch how your pet is going along.


In-Home Boarding of pets with Pawspace


PAWSPACE provides complete in-home boarding for pets around in bangalore. Pawspace works not only with authenticity but a wide network of experienced, verified yet certified boarders group across the city. With highest rating and reviews Pawspace is setting its benchmark in providing in-home boarding service for pets with successfully completing thousands of its kind. Pawspace works with you throughout the assignment. It finds you most suitable boarder as per your needs and assures the best of the services one can ask for. 


Pawspace does not take it lightly when it comes to providing service to its customers. From verifying candidates to cross check their eligibility it believes in delivering nothing less than the best. 

A basic home boarding enquiry from your side to Pawspace and you are done with the process. Pawspace go as per your requirements and arrange a suitable boarder with pick-up and drop-off facility too. 



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