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How to emotionally prepare your pet before going away for your vacation without them

Like you pet parents, PawSpace too firmly believes that pets are an integral part of families and leaving their side for multiple days can be heartbreaking for both them and yourself. However, your pet’s boarding session can be fun and comfortable for them and less worrisome for you by preparing them properly. Keep reading to learn more! 

There are different accommodations for pets whose parents are away, such as kennels and home boarding. However, PawSpace does not recommend pet kennels for a variety of reasons which you can check out here. Hiring a pet border is often the easiest option for both you and your pet as long as you provide all necessary information about their needs, routines, health information, etc. To know more about how you can take care of these logistics, check out this blog. 

Once the logistics are taken care of, it is time to invest in your pet’s emotional well being. How can you do that? 

  • Start allocating some extra bonding time – The saying “a little goes a long way” stands true for this. When you take the time out for some extra snuggles, walks or playtime, your pet begins to appreciate the time they spend with you.
  • Meet and Greet with your potential pet boarder – This is necessary to have a happy and fun boarding experience for everybody involved. At PawSpace, the Meet and Greet is a standard procedure before proceeding with the booking. Here, you can introduce yourself, your pet and can know more about your boarder. Moreover, other important aspects such as expectations from both sides can be discussed here.
  • Inform the pet boarder if your pet has separation anxiety – It’s always a good idea to inform your border about all information about your pet. If your pet suffers from separation anxiety, make sure to keep them in the light of what symptoms to look out for and other dos and don’ts, such as not keeping them alone for long periods.
  • Add everyday items to your pet’s essentials pack – There is nothing like the smell and taste of home, especially when your pet is away from home. For the same reason, make sure to pack your pet’s favourite items from their homes, such as their bed, food and treats. You may even go the extra mile and pack one of your T-shirts, so your pet feels relieved at times when they miss their favourite person. And of course! A special blanket is perfect too. If your pet doesn’t have one already, you may purchase one about a week before leaving your pet with their boarder so all the scents from back home can be picked up.
  • Ensure your pet gets enough exercise before you leave – Like us, humans, endorphins equals happiness in pets. Increasing energy levels before the big day can help improve their mood, so take a walk, play fetch or feather and string.
  • It would help if you stayed CALM – Animals are extremely intelligent and can most often pick up human emotions quickly. So, before you emotionally prepare your pet, you must keep yourself calm and confident; they will pick up on the signs. It’s only natural to feel anxious thinking about how much you will miss them, but it is also important to convince yourself that your pet will be the happiest and very soon, you will be coming home to a happy face! If you keep yourself positive, chances are, your pet will also feel the same way.

There is no doubt that your pet will miss you and you will miss them too. But, if you are looking for pet boarders who aim at showering non stop love to your pets while keeping in mind their schedule and needs when you are away, make a booking with a PawSpace boarder today! 


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