How does in-home dog boarding benefit your dog?

home dog boarding

Your dog(s) are understandably the most beloved beings on earth for you so it is quite hard when circumstances force you to leave them in the care of others for a short period of time. 

While it might be hard to leave them with others even for a short period of time,  no matter where you leave them, the least you can do is not leave them in public kennels or traditional dog boarding homes where they are kept with lots of other unknown dogs and animals. In places like those hygiene and safety cannot be completely guaranteed barring a few exceptions. So the best thing that you can do for your dog is to leave them in a place where comfort, safety and personalised attention is guaranteed. 

In-home dog boarding is the option that you should be looking for. This is basically when you leave your dog with a pet sitter at their home, so they can dog sit for you until you complete your commitments and take your dog back once you are ready. This is one of the most effective ways to make sure that your dog is kept as comfortable and cared for as they can be, for the short time period that they are away from you. Opting for in-home dog boarding can ensure some sure-shot benefits for your dog, here are a few of them –

  1. Food and water – In-home dog boarding can make sure that your pet gets their food and water at the proper time. Pet sitters at in-home boarding will also make sure that they are constantly vigil about any other extra care your dog might require and feed them the food that you usually do (if specified). You can also inform them about the pee breaks and their general schedule so their day goes smoothly even when you are not able to be there physically for them. 
  2. Personalized care – The pet sitter will make sure that they take care of your dog with utmost care and concern. In addition to that, you can tell them your dog’s little quirks and fancies so they know what to do. While in kennels the sitters will have the responsibility of too many dogs in one space, in-home pet boarding will eradicate that part of the problem and you get the luxury of specifying all your requirements, getting regular updates and being stress-free about your dog’s condition in general.
  3. Regular exercise– Just because you are not with your dog, you cannot afford to let them go on without any exercise routine. Since exercising is an extremely vital part of their health and routine, hiring a personalised dog boarding service is immensely beneficial as they can make sure that your dog goes on walk, and/or completes their daily and weekly exercise goals
  4. No dangerous situations – With a trusted pet sitter by their side at all times, you don’t have to worry about your dog getting upto naughty business and injuring themselves. You can specifically direct the pet sitter as to what kind of situations might excite your dog and what might make them get aggressive and careless. This way, they can also avoid those situations and keep your dog safe at all times. 
  5. No cages – Except for the times (or the dogs) that it is absolutely required and mentioned by you specifically, in-home pet boarding will ensure that your dog is never caged. They will be free to roam around and play to their heart’s content. They also will stop dreading your vacation time by associating it to time in cages.

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