Scheduled monitoring services for your pet

Get a trained professional to drop by your home and check in on their well being.

How Pet Drop By Service/ Pet Check In Works With Pawspace?

Hate having to leave your pet alone? Need someone to dog-sit while you’re away or even just drop by and check on your dog/cat. Well you don’t need to look up neighbours or ask favours last minute. Pawspace can help you with scheduled monitoring through pet drop-by services – it can be for food, water, medication, or even a small walk for a pee break! We’ve got affordable pet drop by service packages for you to choose from, whether you’re stuck at work a bit longer or have an impromptu trip you can’t get out of, we can help.

What Is Included In Drop By Check In?

We only work with truly experienced pet lovers who have the skills, and the temperament to ensure incredible experiences for your pets. 

  • Typically, the service lasts for 20 minutes
  • Includes a check-in on food, water, medication, and a small pee break
  • Assured personalized attention provided
  • Completion of quick tasks for your pet 

Note: Drop-by is not recommended for puppies, sick dogs or elderly dogs

Pets Drop by Services
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How will Drop-by benefit you?
  • Completion of quick tasks for your pet 
  • Hassle-free services
  • No worrying about pee breaks
  • Easy booking and  secure payments

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Our Packages

Single drop-by service

20 minutes
  • Rs. 100

Double drop-by service

20 minutes
  • Rs. 80

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you feel that your pet needs quick attention for little tasks and you have your own tasks to attend to, pet drop-by service will make sure that the required attention is given to your pet and you can stay relaxed and worry-free. It is a great option for pet parents in case your dog is not comfortable being relocated to a friend’s place or if no one is available to babysit. We can arrange for multiple pet check-ins if you’re away for a longer period of time. 

Every Pawstar is strictly vetted by us to ensure that your pet is in safe hands. We run thorough background checks before onboarding anyone onto the platform. Furthermore, every dog drop by session is backed with regular updates on your furry friend and 24/7 customer support. 

Pet drop-by services typically last for 20 minutes. However, you can avail these services for INR 80 for every 20 minutes added. Make sure you make the booking for a drop by at least 2-3 hours before the service to ensure the pawstar has enough time to make the arrangements for the pet check in. 

While availing drop-by services, make sure that it is pre-planned and you have the right resources to provide to the service provider. If you are at home, made necessary arrangements and are ready for the drop-by, make sure you register at least 3 hours prior to the service.

The drop-by service can be used for small and quick services like food, water medication or a small walk that will serve as a pee break for your pet. 

It is a simple 3 step process – Click on “Book now” on our Drop-by services page, find the service provider you like and finally, make the payment through our secure payment portal. Your service request will then be registered, and you can sit back and relax!

The pet drop by rates, pet check in costs range from 100 rupees for a single check-in of 20 minutes. You can customize and get a special pet drop by service package in case regular check-ins are needed for an extended period or you have some special chores or tasks that need to be done during the pet drop by service. 

To get an exact quote for your pet, call us on +91 88106 51375. 

Once you register your pet and select the service provider of your choice, you can pay online through a secure portal after which, your booking will be confirmed.

Choose from a pool of certified, trusted, local, affordable pet care service providers for all your pet care needs​

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