The Ultimate Dog Grooming Checklist

  • Dog grooming is not just about enhancing the physical appearance of your dog. It is an umbrella term for both hygienic care and cleaning. Problems like skin irritations, fleas, ticks, lumps, or hernias can be identified early with regular grooming visits. Pet grooming is an important part of your pet’s overall health and well-being.

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A Dog Grooming Checklist for
Pooch Parents

Here’s a quick and handy checklist for grooming your dog to ensure their health.


To give your doggo’s adorable eyes the best care, use a cotton swab or a soft cloth. Giving their eyes extra love and care will help prevent infections, scarring, and tearing. To do a quick and easy eye check for your canine, just look him in the eye and make sure you see a clear and bright pupil with no redness or discharge.


Don’t you love booping those precious snouts? Grooming and cleaning them is mighty important. Too much fuzz around his little nose would invade and irritate his nostrils. We wouldn’t want him developing medical issues that could turn chronic.

Next time you move in for a boop, make sure his nose is moist and glistening. If you notice discharge while grooming him, give your vet a call and tell him your fur baby’s nose is full of worrisome goo.


Aren’t they adorable when their ears perk up at the sound of your voice? Dogs with long, drooping, or hairy ears require more love and attention. If your doggo is furiously and frequently scratching his ears, he probably needs a hand to clean all that annoying dirt out. If his ears are inflamed or bleeding, book an appointment with your vet.


One great thing about being a dog is not getting cavities. Sadly, they can develop plaque, tartar, and gingivitis, which can cause bad breath and tooth problems. The next time you get a whiff of his doggy breath, consider a dog grooming session. Early detection of dental problems will help your pooch enjoy his bones longer. 


Bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay trouble dogs, too! If your pooch isn’t enjoying his bones and chops as he used to, searching “dog grooming near me” will show you the best groomers in your area who will take care of his gums and chompers.


Isn’t it the best feeling in the world when he places his paw in your palm? Debris and splinters can wedge themselves between his sweet paw pads and irritate or even enter his skin. Trim the excess hair to keep those pesky grass seeds and thorns from becoming stuck in his paws.

Give his claws a snippety-snip before trimming his fur. A broken nail is a terrible feeling for a pooch. A trimming appointment with a dog grooming service near you, such as PawSpace, is a safe bet.


Don’t you love stroking his coat as he woofs or sleeps? Watch out for missing fur patches, dullness, hotspots, fleas, and ticks. The secret to a sleek and shiny coat is a healthy diet, proper supplements, and regular grooming.


  • Grooming your dog regularly improves his overall well-being and makes life easier for you and your best friend in the long run. You can do it at home without burning a hole in your pocket, or by searching for “dog grooming near me” online.
  • Dog grooming builds your pet’s trust by easing them through uncomfortable situations such as ear cleaning. Brushing, clipping, and bathing don’t seem like such daunting responsibilities when you look at each grooming task as an opportunity to show your furry friend some love and attention.

Frequently Asked Questions.

As part of your dog grooming routine, your dog’s nails should be trimmed at least once a month.

Grooming is beneficial to all dogs, regardless of age. Aged, disabled, and ill pets, on the other hand, require specialized grooming. Hence, many users end up  Googling “dog grooming near me” and other similar queries so that someone like PawSpace can help them out.

Perfumed bath products made for humans can irritate dogs’ sensitive skin and noses. Select an unscented shampoo designed specifically for dogs.

Unless your veterinarian recommends it, avoid using Q-tips. Instead, if your dog’s ears need cleaning, use an ear cleaner regularly to help prevent painful ear infections.

Toenail clipper blades should be sharpened regularly and replaced every few years. Blades that are dirty or dull will not cut well and will pull and tug at your dog’s nails. Also, ensure none of your instruments/tools are rusted.

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