The Ultimate Guide to Cat Grooming

  • Everyone knows that a clean cat is a healthy and happy cat. The great thing about having a cat-best friend is that they can take care of themselves; they are self-grooming animals and clean themselves whenever they feel dirty. 

  • However, a cat’s self-grooming doesn’t get past the topcoat of fur. They may need help to thoroughly clean their skin, and also their eyes, ears, and teeth. This is where professional cat grooming comes in. 

  • PawSpace offers the most proficient cat grooming services with the help of their verified pet care providers. Each carer that PawSpace provides is certified and excellent at providing personalized care with top-notch service and consistency.

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How does cat grooming work?


Who doesn’t love tousling a cat’s fur? For short-haired cats, you only need a flea comb and a brush. Brushes help remove dead hair, dirt, and other debris. 

For long-haired cats, it takes a bit more time. This is because they shed more than short-haired cats. A cat groomer brushes their fur several times to prevent their fur from matting.


Cats and water are sworn enemies, so it is best to bathe them very carefully to not startle or scare them. Schedule the bath at a time when your cat is tired; this way, they are more likely to cooperate. Cat grooming professionals use a light sprayer or a mug to gently pour water over them. No snarls and scratches!

Nail Clipping

It would be best to start trimming your cat’s nails right from when they were a kitten to get them accustomed to the tradition. Nail clipping should always occur when the cat feels calm or even sleepy. 

During cat grooming, pet carers ensure that the session takes place in a quiet environment, so the cat is at ease. They even take the time to play around with their paws and make them feel comfortable with having their paws being touched frequently. 

Cat groomers are trained to beware of the sensitive “quick”, the part of the nail where the nerves and blood vessels lie. If you trim their nails at home, always be careful not to cut too deep.

Cat Grooming with PawSpace

PawSpace has built the largest ecosystem of validated and certified pet care service providers in your area, all of whom have been screened and certified to meet the highest quality requirements. We’re on a mission to make pet parenthood easier for tens of thousands of pet owners around the country. Cat grooming has never been this easy!

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