Join hands with us in loving and taking care of pets!


Looking to grow in the noble field you have chosen? PawSpace connects veterinarians with customers whose pets are in need of medical interventions and routine check ups. Keep reading to see if you are the perfect fit!

Job Responsibilities

  • Diagnosing and providing medication to animals 

  • Informs pet owners about proper animal health care 

  • Maintains records of each pet 

  • Specialised in neutering, spaying and euthanasia 

  • Trained in providing vaccinations and performing surgeries 

  • Taking care of the pet as per PawSpace standards and customer’s requirements
Certified Pet Sitters

Job requirements

Pet Sitter Service for Events
  • Degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine 
  • Relevant state licensure 
  • Proven 2+ years of experience 
  • Maintaining ethical standards 
  • Basic communication skills (to interact with the pet owners)
  • Sound understanding of animal behaviour
  • Love for animals in addition to being patient, reliable and trustworthy


Pet Sitters and Boarders




Dog Walkers


Dog Trainers