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Pet Trainer

Are you an experienced dog trainer? Can you make dogs listen to you and tame them to be the perfect pets? Then join our pet training team now!

Job Responsibilities

  • Curating a program for each pet, with progress tracking for pet parents  

  • Teaching basic tricks and commands, based on each pet’s personality and breed  

  • Ensuring the pet’s safety while training   

  • Educating the parents about training methods, skills and benefits of the training program  

  • Understanding pets’ behaviors, training needs and promptly catering to them  

  • Educating the parents about training methods, skills and benefits of  the training program 

  • Identifying behavioral concerns in the pet and finding solutions for the same

  • As training includes complimentary walks, therefore ensuring clean and safe environment is important
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Job requirements

Do you love animals? Looking for an easy way to earn from a stress free environment?

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  • Proven 1+ years of experience 
  • Sound knowledge of pet training 
  • Competent in breed recognition 
  • Strong pet handling skills 
  • Basic communication skills (to interact with the pet parents)
  • In-depth understanding of animal behaviour
  • Love for animals in addition to being patient, reliable and trustworthy


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