Are you good at pet services? Can you groom? Join us now!

Pet Groomer

If you love animals and can provide perfect grooming to pets, then it looks like you might be the perfect new addition to PawSpace’s pet grooming team!

Job Responsibilities

  • Dematting and detangling fur


  • Bathing, conditioning and drying


  • Trimming nails, brushing teeth and cleaning ears


  • Grooming and styling according to client requirements


  • Maintaining hygiene and ensuring safety of the pet while grooming


  • Promptly notifying the owners of any medical issues and skin infections 


  • Maintaining PawSpace standards and meeting all the client’s needs
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Job requirements:

Pet Insurance Online

Age: Above 18 years

Should be a certified groomer

Proven 1+ years of pet grooming experience

Ability to control nervous/excited pets

Basic understanding of animal behaviour

Love for animals in addition to being patient, reliable and trustworthy


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