5 answers you should know before Dog Walking

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Dog walking can be a breeze if you know all the right things and are friendly with dogs you are walking. Let’s take a look at a few very basic questions you should be knowing the answers to before you take up dog walking gigs

Why should you walk a dog?

Although it seems like a fun activity to do, there is more to dog walking in terms of health and mental upkeep of your pals. It allows your dog to have potty breaks in addition to being a perfect opportunity for them to explore your neighborhood. Just like humans, they too require regular exercise and social interaction, both of which can be attained during their walking session. Additionally, walking a dog will make sure that you get your daily session of exercise and the fresh air!

How often should you walk a dog?

Dogs should be walked at least once a day. However, depending on the breed, size and the age of the dog, the requirement and the frequency of the walks might get higher.

What do you do when you are out for a walk with a dog?

When out for a walk with the dog, always lead them from the front or allow it to walk only next to you and never infront as it establishes control and makes the dog submit to your confident approach. However, allow the dog to explore the surroundings freely and sniff to their heart’s content.

Try having a short leash and attaching the leash near the top of the head so this way, you get maximum control in case anything goes awry. Try not to hurry the time of the dog walking; this is a vital part of their day.

What qualifications should you have for taking up dog walking gigs?

Thankfully, the only three things you need for walking dogs are unconditional love for them, thorough basic knowledge about them and knowing how to control the leash of the dog when out for a walk!

What should you do when a dog refuses to come for a walk?

Start off by checking for the causes – are they uncomfortable? Are they scared of something? Is their leash too tight? Is it pinching? Is something around them bothering them? – check for these basic signs, try to solve the problem (if any). Try to bring good treats during the walk and avoid paths they are uncomfortable with. Additionally, make sure you always reward them with love (or treats) for having a good walk.

Hope your dog walking experience goes paw-fectly well!

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